About the Memorial


Plans, engineering, fund raising, and construction are currently in progress for a Memorial in honor of racing legend Dick Trickle. The Memorial is being constructed in the Village Park in Rudolph, Wisconsin where Dick grew up and began his illustrious racing career from very humble beginnings.  The Directors, Volunteer Representatives, and Volunteer Construction Workers are very busy raising funds and building the Memorial.  Thus far our fund raising campaign has mainly been grass roots donations from friends, fans, competitors, and other supporters of Dick.

The highlights of the Memorial will be a larger than life size bronze statue of Dick waving to a crowd like he so often did.  Behind the statue of Dick are two semi circular walls.  The wall immediately behind Dick is configured with various sized inscriptions in black granite with the names and words of donors.  The size of the inscription area is determined by the amount of the donation.  The second semi circular wall displays pictures with words of dedication of the donor of some of the 200 plus race cars Dick drove throughout his illustrious career.  These pictures are also  sponsored by donors and the size of each given picture will also be determined by the donation.  

The mission and purpose of this Memorial is to educate and exemplify how one man overcame a serious childhood injury, set very high goals and achieved them by dedicating his life to competing in and succeeding in the world of stock car racing.  Your financial and moral support is needed to help us complete this worthy project.  The Dick Trickle Memorial Project is affiliated with the Incourage Community Foundation.  Incourage is the Fiscal Agent for the project and is a 501(c)3 organization, thus donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.  We are extremely grateful to all who have already made a contribution.


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