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Ground Breaking May 2014


 Delores Trickle Iwanski, Chuck Trickle, and Sue Trickle Martin breaking ground for the Memorial in May 2014.

Sub Surface Drain Tile


The six inch drain tile with a layer of crushed aggregate.

Excavating the Memorial Site


Removing the sod and topsoil from the excavation.

Excavating for the Memorial and constructing the below grade concrete.

After the sod was removed the actual excavation to the footing grade.

Soil and clay being removed to establish the grade for the footings.

Placing and compacting the base for the footing's grade.

Placing, leveling, and compacting the crushed aggregate base for the footings.


Adding re-bar to the forms prior to pouring the footings on top of the 8 inch bed of compacted crushed aggregate.


Pouring and leveling the concrete footings.


Building the re-bar webbing for the statue base.  Donn Lee Steuck


Setting the sono tubes and tying in the re-bar for the 14 columns to be poured.  Jerry Huntington, Marv Marzofka and John Timm


Pumping the concrete into the form for the statue base.


Pumping concrete into the sono tubes for the 14 columns.  The temperature was 90 degrees.


The completed pour for the statue base and the 14 columns.  The skies opened up with a deluge of rain within an hour of completing the pour.  This picture was taken a few days later after the form was removed for the statue base.


Backfilling and compacting crushed aggregate around the poured columns and statue base.  John Timm running the plate compactor, Kolo Excavating dumping the material to be leveled and compacted.


Most members of the Volunteer Construction Crew after pouring/pumping the concrete for the statue base and the 14 columns.


Welding the steel posts to the steel plates on top of the 14 concrete columns.


Members of Boy Scout Troop 114, the same Troop that Dick Trickle, Tom Reffner, Marv Marzofka, and  Donn Lee Steuck were members of,  planting the trees on the backside of the Memorial.  


Erecting the aluminum framework for the walls and inserting a Picture Dedication.  Jerry Huntington, Gary Trudell, John Timm, and Gary Erickson.


The current results of our construction.  Picture Wall is being populated as is the Donor Inscription Wall.  The statue pedestal is poured.